14. Dreaded deadline

28 days to go
Plenty of time to take it slow
I’ll read a book or watch a show
With 28 days to go
21 days to go
Three more weeks to bring it home
I’ll keep playing on my phone
With 21 days to go

Always left my papers
Til 11:59
Can’t face the labour
Til the bloody deadline
Running late, trying to escape
The fateful hateful due date
The dreaded deadline

14 days to go
I can’t sing with this blocked nose
I need time to rest and doze
With 14 days to go
7 days to go
Better make these juices flow
Dust the uke, try to compose
With 7 days to go


24 hours to go
Cram in chords and spit out notes
Bash my uke and flog my throat
With 24 hours to go
4 hours to go
Choking headache, losing hope
I am hung upon my rope
With 4 hours to go



13. Deliciously mine

You are mine
My pumpkin pie, my summer wine
You are mine
My steak and fries, my pickle in brine
You are mine
My supersized, my sunny-side
You are mine, all mine
Deliciously mine

You’re tasty and delightful
My dreamy creamy puff
You’re yummy in my tumtum
And I can’t get enough

You are mine
My soda lime, my sage and thyme
You are mine
My beef pad thai, my lemon rind
You are mine
My cheesy bite, my whiskey rye
You are mine, all mine
Deliciously mine


You are mine
My chicken thigh, my apple cider
You are mine
My red or white, my bacon slider
You are mine
My cherry ripe, my cola spider
You are mine, all mine
Deliciously mine


V1 repeat

12. Ashes

Ashes of the fallen
Ashes on the wind
My son, my father
My husband and my kin
Ashes of my homeland
Ashes on my skin
I fled the fire
But how can a better life begin

Once we kissed on the benches in the square
Once we laughed at the disapproving stares
Now only rust and stains
And bitter dust remains
Hanging in the air

Once we walked in the blossoming park
Once we watched the painters and their art
There’s only cracked cement
In a mute lament
For the beauty of the past


Fractured bones of this skeletal town
Blackened homes, bodies on the ground
And now craters open
Silence unbroken
By the sightless and the drowned

Shadow home on a ruin of a street
Shadow children playing in the heat
Everything is shattered
Phantom voices chatter
Are they the ghosts or me


11. The fading

Under the fading of his heart
He thinks not of the end but of the start
His mother’s warm scent
Her head low and bent
She brushes his hair in a part

Under the fading of the sun
He wanders to seasons that had just begun
A summer at the shore
Where they talk until four
Waiting for daybreak to come

Under the fading of his sight
He sees her glowing in the stagelights
She leaps like a prayer
Suspended in air
A moment of weightless flight

Under the fading of the stars
He touches their faces asleep in the dark
A child’s sweet sigh
A fluttering eye
He watches awhile then departs

Under the fading of the sea
He hears the shadows calling softly
A shuddering breath
It’s now time to rest
At last he can walk straight and free

10. Sidelines

Other people can fight it out
I’ll just eat my hotdogs and shout
Other people can trail-blaze
I’m ok to sit back and laze

Other people can sweat and run
That’s not my idea of fun
Other people can aim for the stars
I prefer a low bar

I’m doing quite fine, thank you
Here on the sidelines
Drinking my wine
Biding my time
I’m doing quite fine – on the sidelines

Other people can jump and shoot
Ski and skate and tumble and scoot
All the action that I’ll get
Is rolling from couch to bed

Other people can play to win
But sitting out isn’t a sin
Other people wanna be a champ
Their antics give me cramp


Not everyone has to have ambition
Not everyone is a hero
Not everyone has a mission
Someone’s gotta cheer – so


9. Holding together

Once you were you and I was just me
Living our own lives separately
Running our race
Atoms in space
Spinning small and alone

Once I kept it all close to my chest
Thought that trusting myself was best
Then you came along
Singing your song
Cut through my walls of stone

We’re holding together x2
Two against the world
Whatever they hurl
We’re stronger together

Slowly I showed my heart and its secrets
Piece by piece you came to seek it
You opened the door
And you showed me yours
I held it oh so tenderly

Through trials and triumphs in the sun
With time and tears we grew to be one
Molecular bonds
To take us beyond
And maybe soon we’ll be three


It wasn’t always easy
We both made mistakes
We had to learn to
Give before we take
Sometimes a cruel word
A careless wrong
But we learnt to heal it
And through it we grew strong


8. Call BS

Bang bang with the rifle
Bang bang with the gun
Bang bang with the pistol
Hey kids, are ya having fun?

Call BS, BS, WTF x2

Too young to vote and too young to drive
Too young to smoke but not too young to die
The kids don’t buy that shit that guns are just a tool
They’re fighting for their right to stay alive at school


Blood in the playground, blood in the streets
Blood at the movies and blood on the sheets
Blood on your suit, on your wallet, on your hands
As you stick your head in sand to drown the kids’ demands


The right to life is sacred but only in the womb
Once they’re out, they’re on their own til they reach the tomb
That might be soon if this lunacy continues
When a gun has more value than flesh and blood and sinew


Meaningless thoughts and meaningless prayers
Crocodile tears for kids in the crosshairs
Do nothing cus the NRA throws cash at your election
Or is it cus a shiny gun gives you an erection

Chorus x2

7. Thank you

All I can say is thank you
Can’t quite believe what you’ve done
All I can say is thank you
You wonderful son of a gun

All I can say is thank you
You’ve blown my tiny mind
All I can say is thank you
You’re way too generous and kind

I know you’re not one for sentiment
I’m not one for it either
But gotta say it’s sincerely meant
And I owe you at least a fiver

How can I ever thank you
I know you don’t do things for praise
How can I ever thank you
Too bad, imma shout this out for days

How can I ever thank you
Guess I can give you my kidney
How can I ever thank you
But then you’ll never be rid of me

I know you’re not keen on gushiness
You’re a man of few words
But now I’m all squish and mushiness
So put up with me being a nerd


Repeat verse 1

6. Blood and wine


We wonder at the world
The swaying tides and moon
The ever-rising sun
The seasons wilt and bloom

We wonder at your thoughts
We read the stars and winds
We seek the aged seer
And bleed to wash our sins

Blood and wine
Bird and bone
Hear us, gods
Leave us not to die alone

We wonder at your grace
The harvest and the fruit
We fear your wild rage
As storms tear out the roots

We wonder how we’ve failed
Our starving beasts grow ill
Our children weak and pale
We bend and serve your will


5. Mediocrity

I can’t think like Plato
Can’t match wits with Socrates
But that is quite ok though
Cus I embrace my mediocrity

Mediocre house and mediocre car
Mediocre booze in mediocre bars
Mediocre dog and mediocre wife
Mediocre grave for a mediocre life

Mediocre toast and mediocre tea
Mediocre birds and mediocre bees
Mediocre art and mediocre songs
Mediocre lovin’ – but all night long

It’s ok to be boring
It’s ok being kinda meh
It’s ok to be average
Living in quiet despair

Mediocre job and mediocre kids
Mediocre pot and mediocre lids
Mediocre words for this mediocre tune
Mediocre howl at the mediocre moon

Mediocre player of mediocre sports
Mediocre shoes and mediocre shorts
Mediocre heart and mediocre soul
Mediocre part of a mediocre whole


I can’t write like Joni
Her toenail’s got more poetry
Just a no-trick pony
So I embrace my mediocrity