20. Get low

This is an hour-ish skirmish on the prompt “low”. Getting my Barry White on.

Get low

Hey baby
Come on over to my place
Let’s put on some tunes
Somethin’ smooth and slow
And let’s get down
Reeeal low

Take off your ensemble (low, low, low)
Let’s get horizontal (low, low, low)
Let’s dive to the blackest depths
Let’s get low (low, so low)

Come down to the basement
Come down to the bottom floor
Come where the sun don’t shine
Hang a necktie on the door


We’ll take it real easy
We’ll turn up the heat
We’ll take our sweetest time
Just sway along to the beat


Slip into your silky robe
I’ll pour you a glass of red
Massage your tired feet
Let’s tumble into bed



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