18. Cenote

Scuba diving in a cenote is one of my lifetime top-ten experiences, one I’ve long wanted to describe. I’ve attempted lyrics before but somehow a normal song doesn’t capture the meditativeness of it. So here it is as a spoken-word ambient type of track. Which is probably cheating, but hey, one more down 😛 This was based on a skirmish prompt, “swim”, and was a rare quick one for me, less than an hour. You can see why: just random layering of synthy effects and blessedly unrhymed “lyrics”. I could get used to this.


Drive in rough country
To a mouth in the ground
Cave-world open to the sky
Plunge into clear, still blue
Bubbles connect you to the sun
Underwater cathedral
A world of water above
A world of silence below
No sound but breath
No sight but light
Breathe in, breathe out
Swim, be still
Breathe in, breathe out

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