17. Sit down, stand up

This one was a challenge and a half trying to rhyme all the days of the week, as well as the 2-syllable end rhymes. English is hard. And then there’s the matter of spitting out a bajillion syllables per line. Lin Manuel Miranda and Eminem, how do you do it.
I have no clue about how to make electronic music. This is with a GarageBand “drummer” and a synth via midi. It started off on acoustic guitar but it’s late at night so I wanted something quiet to play. Lots of repetition and not a lot of variation to support the dreary nose-to-grindstone feel of the song.

Sit down, stand up

Sit down, stand up x3
Good boy, roll over, baby
Sit down, stand up x3
Do not boil over, baby
Collapse at the weekend
Wake and do it, and do it, and do it again

You drag your ass to work and dream of
One day
You’ll take the leap to wild freedom
Some day
You’ll tell your boss you wanna beat him
One day, but not today

He babbles on though he has nothing
To say
Pretend to work although you’re bluffing
Due date
To end this joke, this pain and suffering
One day, but not today


You’re wasted there, you could do more
Your friends say
You should make art, bust through the door
Then they
Get back to mopping filthy floors
One day, we’ll get away

Migraines heavy, eyes about to
Burst, they
Better wheel you out in a
Hearse, they
Know you’re down for the count
Only way you’ll get away


Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Your heart is lighter, time to play
But over you looms
The gloom of Monday



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