27. Apocalypse

I’m nowhere near as doomsdayish as this song is, although I do often quietly note potential signs of the apocalypse as they pop up. Prams for grownups. Sex robots. Giant bits of ice just falling off things. And so forth. Mostly though, this was a fun exercise in rhyme-play. Assonance and family rhymes and internal rhymes.


Solar eclipse
Moves everyone’s hips
Get a grip and don’t let slip we’re all about to flip
Solar eclipse
On everyone’s lips
Apocalyptic shit gunna hit our spaceship

Sinister omens surround us all around
Get underground, godawful signs abound
Jackbooted douches gunna shoot you down
Four horsemen of course just trippin’ round town

Bad moon looms as we engineer our doom
Bugs, bots and bombs that looneys make go boom
Retreat to the womb as clocks strike noon
No immunity, impunity to spare us from our tombs


Humanity’s vanity will be our destruction
Insanity plea won’t help in the crushin’
Our feces of a species a smudge in the Judgment
Our stink will be extinct, forgive the interruption

Overconsume and overproduce
We enslave and invade, there is no excuse
The earth’s a village that we pillage and abuse
Round our own necks we can’t loosen the noose


26. Running dry

I was thinking about how my creative well was running dry halfway through 50/90 and it turned into an environmental song 😛

Running dry

The well is running dry
It’s enough to make you cry
Waters clean and free
The well for you and me
Now it’s bare and dead
We’ll drink the river instead

We poison ocean and earth
This, the home of our birth
We can’t seem to get it
Hope we’ll live to regret it

The river’s running dry
It’s enough to make you sigh
Fish and torrents flowed
Back in days of old
Now just dribbles and drips
The sea has to do the trick


The sea is running dry
It’s a fact we can’t deny
Bloated whales beached
Rotten bones are bleached
Too late the lesson’s learned
Ain’t got nowhere else to turn

25. First amendment

Well this one was a skirmish where I actually kept to the one hour limit. The prompt is “first amendment.” Eh, I don’t like the song, it’s an obnoxious take on obnoxiousness. If time weren’t a factor I wouldn’t post it, but I’m lagging behind on the schedule so another one down, and tomorrow’s another day and another song!

First amendment

You have freedom of thought and speech
Protected by the first amendment
Though we may not quite agree
I’ll fight for your right and defend it
But wait I can’t! I’m an alien
Forgot that I am Australian

Say what you like
Don’t gotta be nice
Spew your views on gays and vice
Just don’t expect
People to respect
Your ideas on every subject

For every side to have their voice
Is essential for democracy
Doesn’t mean that each is right
Got not time for hate and hypocrisy

I’ve got rights to speak for the left
Remember that it goes both ways
Rainbow snowflake, politically correct
Go and moan for the good old days


No one’s making you shut up
Troll, comment and protest
Don’t cry foul, “it’s so unfair”
But violence must be suppressed

It’s not disputed
You have the right to be a dick
Just be prepared for rumours
That you have a really small prick


24. Ride through the night

I don’t really play mandolin. Got one earlier this year for my birthday, haven’t really gotten around to learning it properly yet. Hence, two-chord song!

Ride through the night

Ride on, ride on, ride through the night
Ride through the hail and rain
Your weary back breaks
Your wounds burn and ache
You ride through the anguish and pain

Ride on, ride on, ride through the night
Ride through the hellish terrain
Your brothers in arms
Return to their farms
You’ll never see them again

Ride on, ride on
The call of home on the wind
Ride on, ride on
In peace, your life can begin

Ride on, ride on, ride through the night
Ride through the mud and the mire
The enemy’s undone
The war has been won
It’s time for you to retire

Ride on, ride on, ride through the night
RIde through the blood and the fire
Your fair maiden waits
Her hand at the gate
Her lips are wet with desire




23. Dragon

Hit a wall today, staring at the keyboard uninspired. Wrote a banal lyric based on a prompt my friend supplied – not her fault but mine. Was going to give up but in the end noodled on the good old baritone uke and came up with this strange sound.


Where the earth meets sky
Where the sky meets sea
There waits an ancient creature
Waiting for all, for you and for me

A dragon without fire
A dragon without claws
His mission to welcome us
To carry us across to distant shores

On leathery back
On scarred scales
We ride the wind
Towards the sails

Where the earth meets sky
Where the sky meets sea
There waits an ancient creature
Waiting for all, for you and for me

22. Should I go

I’m experimenting with the partial capo on fret 2 on the bottom 4 strings which gives this suspended kind of sound. To me it sounds a bit uncertain, hence this song that’s based on questions. I really need to learn new strumming rhythms. This sounds rather similar to the previous song.

Should I go

Should I go now, should I stay
Are we better together
Or is it better to stay away
Should I go now, should I stay
Is this meant to last forever
Or is it meant to fade

When we met
Electric crackle and blaze
When we met
Thought of nothing but you for days
In your eyes
Found my guiding star
In your eyes
Found melodies for my guitar


Time went on
Differences turned into fights
Time went on
Cruel words and silent nights
We made up
Band-aids on gaping wounds
We made up
But it felt like we were doomed


Guess if I’m asking
Means I have some doubts about you
But it’s too painful
Can’t imagine my life without you


21. Take my hand

Came up with the tune pretty quickly while noodling on the baritone uke; the lyrics took a little longer. The story is sort of from the perspective of the kids in war-torn Beirut that inspired Ils s’aiment. I’m also thinking about people who might be feeling embattled in the marriage equality debate happening here. Defiant love.

Take my hand

Take my hand
There’s no need to be afraid, let’s pretend to be brave
Take my hand
No matter what we’ll be together in whatever we face
Take my hand
Though we’re standing in the path of a tidal wave
Take my hand
Just in case

Take my hand
There’s no need to run, we’ll stand our ground in this place
Take my hand
As bullets rain, with you I know that I’m safe
Take my hand
As guns and drums resound we’ll be protected by grace
Take my hand
Just in case

Let them come with batons and boots
Let them come with armour and tanks
We won’t flee, we won’t hide
We’ll be standing side by side

Take my hand
With our backs to the wall, we’ll vanquish their hate
Take my hand
Look them in the eye, love will conquer their rage
Take my hand
One last kiss and together we’ll meet our fate
Take my hand
Let’s embrace



20. Get low

This is an hour-ish skirmish on the prompt “low”. Getting my Barry White on.

Get low

Hey baby
Come on over to my place
Let’s put on some tunes
Somethin’ smooth and slow
And let’s get down
Reeeal low

Take off your ensemble (low, low, low)
Let’s get horizontal (low, low, low)
Let’s dive to the blackest depths
Let’s get low (low, so low)

Come down to the basement
Come down to the bottom floor
Come where the sun don’t shine
Hang a necktie on the door


We’ll take it real easy
We’ll turn up the heat
We’ll take our sweetest time
Just sway along to the beat


Slip into your silky robe
I’ll pour you a glass of red
Massage your tired feet
Let’s tumble into bed


19. Omniscient, immortal

This was a one-hour skirmish on “eternal”. It’s from the perspective of a lonely god, envying us mortals, doomed to watch the same stories over and over.

Omniscient, immortal

I watch you as you are born
Naked and crying, you open your eyes
I watch you take your first steps
Reaching for your mother’s smile

I watch you as you fall down
Scabbing your knee as you trip
I watch you as you get up
Refuse to cry and stiffen your lip

Omniscient, immortal
Eternity is mine
The loneliest life
All I have is time

I watch you take your first kiss
She smells of berries and cream
I watch you as she waves you bye
As you leave to follow your dreams

I watch you breaking your heart
On a love too flighty to catch
I watch you slowly mend
And finally meet your match


I watch as you hold your first child
The wonder-burst in your heart
I watch you watching over him
Feel the wrench when he departs

I watch you growing old
Your eyes dim and your back bent
I watch you watching her go
I watch you die again and again


18. Cenote

Scuba diving in a cenote is one of my lifetime top-ten experiences, one I’ve long wanted to describe. I’ve attempted lyrics before but somehow a normal song doesn’t capture the meditativeness of it. So here it is as a spoken-word ambient type of track. Which is probably cheating, but hey, one more down 😛 This was based on a skirmish prompt, “swim”, and was a rare quick one for me, less than an hour. You can see why: just random layering of synthy effects and blessedly unrhymed “lyrics”. I could get used to this.


Drive in rough country
To a mouth in the ground
Cave-world open to the sky
Plunge into clear, still blue
Bubbles connect you to the sun
Underwater cathedral
A world of water above
A world of silence below
No sound but breath
No sight but light
Breathe in, breathe out
Swim, be still
Breathe in, breathe out