15. C’est trop facile

Writing a song in French has been one of my goals for 50/90 but I’ve never written anything vaguely song-shaped en frongsay before so this was a bit of a leap. It’s meant to be old-fashioned chanson, melodramatic “feeeeeels” kind of thing. Found that it’s much easier to rhyme, and it’s a meaning-dense language in terms of being able to say more in fewer syllables (like the reflexive “se cacher” or “se déshabiller” which are clumsily “hide oneself” or “undress oneself” in English). But of course many many pitfalls when you’re a pseudo-Francophone like meself. Massive props to my mate Myrthe Duppen who cast an astute editing eye over this. She saved me from some embarrassing booboos and also contributed some clever ideas. Mercy buckets!

In theory I could’ve done real cello and clarinet parts. In practice, well, I haven’t practiced for yonks.

C’est trop facile 

C’est trop facile de faire semblant
C’est trop facile de se cacher
Souriant son sourire blanc
Une armure en acier

C’est trop facile de se masquer
Bien maquillée, en grands talons
C’est trop facile de camoufler
Son chagrin élegant

Mais devant toi, mon âme, mon coeur
Je peux me déshabiller
Je te montre toute ma laideur
Les cicatrices qui m’ont marquée
Mes angoisses sur ma peau
Purifie-moi sous l’eau

C’est plus facile d’être indifférent
Enfermée en velours
C’est plus facile d’avoir trop d’amants
Sans aucun goût d’amour

C’est plus facile d’être vide
Entourée de faux amis
Sous sédation opioïde
Ainsi gâcher sa vie


Montre-moi tes peurs d’enfant
Laisse-moi te caresser
Montre-moi tes sentiments
On ne se quittera jamais


And in English:

It’s too easy

It’s too easy to pretend
It’s too easy to hide
Smiling a white smile
An armour made of steel

It’s too easy to conceal
In makeup and high heels
It’s too easy to camouflage
One’s elegant grief

But before you, my soul, my heart
I can undress
I show you all my ugliness
The scars that marked me
Anxieties on my skin
Purify me under water

It’s easier to be indifferent
Enclosed in velvet
It’s easier to have too many lovers
Without any taste of love

It’s easier to be empty
Surrounded by false friends
Under opioid sedation
Thus spoil your life


Show me your childhood fears
Let me caress you
Show me your feelings
We’ll never leave each other



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