14. Futilitarian

This is a Song skirmish on the prompt “the most useful”, about a 1.5 hour job again. Erm. It is reggae. I am Vietnamese-Australian and it feels sliiiiightly cultural-appropriation-y. Just part of my style experiments, so I hope no one is offended. My mate suggested I do a reggae a while ago and I thought the genre would suit these chilled-out lyrics.

The bass is a GarageBand loop as is the shaker, the rest is me.


In this age of productivity
It’s sinful to be slothful
Hustle, bustle and churn out stuff
Or boss man will be wrathful
Work day and night at your job
Even though you hate it
Serve economic gods
But you know, useful is overrated

Be futilitarian
Do whatever you please
The Rastafarian way
Hand in your keys
Embrace time-wastin’
Reject make-hastin’
Dare to be idle, unbridled and free
Be futilitarian

Take some time to tilt at windmills
Gaze at your navel in a daze
Wander alone in daffodils
Get lost in a winding maze
Play make-believe with your children
Let them savour boredom
Learn crazy things just for fun
Not to test and score dem



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