12. Just like me

A little light political satire. Don’t have anyone particular in mind. 😛 Yeah I forgot my own chorus half way, never mind.

Just like me

I’m not saying that I’m perfect
Just the bestest in the land
I will make us great again
With my perfectly normal-sized hands

We’d get on more easily
We would live in harmony
Life would go more breezily
If everyone were just like me (bigly me!)

There would be no poverty
No sickness nor discontent
If everyone were a self-made man
From millions that daddy lent
No need to fake the news
No one would disagree
There would be no blacks or Jews
If everyone were orange just like me

Chorus (you too, Hillary!)

We would build a beautiful wall
Stop your whinin’ and fussin’
There’d be worldwide peace not war
Gotta play nice with the Russians
No wetbacks from Mexico
No hairy, scary Muslims
No gays or trannies vexing us so
Those creeps, I don’t trust em

Chorus (marvelous me!)

We’d spend our time in golf resorts
Shoot the breeze and elephants for sport
Grab some pussies in very short shorts
Just be quiet, don’t let them report

Please like me, just be like me x2
Or I’ll be displeased


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