11. Losing time

Another belated addition to the super skirmish that I missed by a mere 24 hours. Prompt was “lost time” and my take on it is someone gradually getting dementia. Another ~1.5 hour effort. My breakdown is 5min brainstorm, 20min write, 20min compose, 15min record/edit…the latter is a bit unrealistic.

Losing time

I was always forgetful
An absent-minded fool
Never knew names
What did I come for?
What did I say?
Am I going insane?

Losing time
I seek but I cannot find
Losing time
The threads begin to unwind
Slip from the strands of my mind
Losing, losing time

Can’t find my way home
How did I get here alone
Everything’s strange
What is this place?
Where am I now?
Am I deranged?


Don’t know your face
Why are you crying?
Holding my hand
Have we met?
A flash from the past
Bare feet in the sand


All that remains
Are earliest days
Are you my mother?
I see her in your gaze
In your kindness
But everything fades



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