9. Out, out damned spot

In a speedwriting challenge like this, some songs are just to make up the numbers. So the second song for today was a skirmish on the prompt “foul play”. A one-hour-ish rush job that involved a lot of Googling Macbeth summaries and cheat notes. I studied The Scottish Play intensely at school and recently saw No Fear in New York so I thought I knew the play but nope, didn’t know it as well as I thought.
The mix is sparse because it echoes Lady Macbeth’s isolation and mental state. Yes, that’s it, not because I ran out of time. I thought the subject would suit the creepy Locrian mode plus some chromatic shiz thrown in. Which is way, way out of my comfort zone.

Out, out damned spot

I talked him into murdering them
For titles and rewards
But it turns out that it was all
For nothing in the end

Out, out damned spot
Will these hands ne’er be clean
Out, out damned spot
Fair is foul and obscene

I screwed his courage to the sticking place
I told him to man up
Turns out all that I screwed up
Was my place in the human race


He was more ruthless than I planned
His blood ran cold and hot
He slaughtered women and kids
He slipped out of my hands


I thought I could reign o’er my fate
I didn’t count on this
I sleepwalk through the day and night
I hear them at the gate


What’s done is done
What’s done can’t be undone
The guilt cannot be washed away
With my blood I wash these hands
Macbeth I hope you’ll understand
This sin I take to my grave


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