7. Put a gun to the head of the muse

What a title, hey? A dirty dirty dark rock song. This one’s about the speed-songwriting process of course. My approach is to allow myself the freedom to be shite: create first, then editing and critique comes later, in the triage phase.

Played around with the rhyme scheme here. Tight alternating perfect rhyme loosens up to family and XAXA type rhymes. And the melody…well, I never really nailed it down completely so make it up with some ‘tude.

Put a gun to the head of the muse

Dilly-dally, navel-gaze
You’ll never be good enough
Sketch a line then erase it
This draft will stay rough
Nothing gets done, nothing gets finished
Give up, son, might as well bin it

Put a gun to the head of the Muse
Make an offer she can’t refuse
Ain’t got nothin’, nothin’ to lose
Put a gun to the head of the Muse

Don’t wait for inspiration
Await the bolt from the blue
Knuckle down, go to town
Grab and follow through
Get it done, don’t be perfect
Beat the drum, creation is worth it


Even if your art is shitty
At least you’re having fun
Pull the trigger on your critic
That lying son of a gun
Better than blank, better than silent
Climb the tank, sound the siren


Shake it, fake it, supersize
Fuck it, rock it, improvise
Gotta run gotta roll gotta jump gotta go
Let let let let’s go

Chorus x2


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