4. Sunrise, sunset

This was from a prompt as well, sunrise/sunset. Very original title as you can see. I wasted time trying to figure out bossa nova percussion, and in the end went with solo guitar. This is my 3/4 sized crapbox but I do love the warm sound of nylon.

As for the song subject, the idea of it is a dreamy narrator who falls in love with a stranger at first sight at a party, and imagines a whole life with this person. And then is brought crashing back to reality.

One strange thing I’ve found in this songwriting experiment is that my mental default is a male narrator. Deliberately I’ve tried to make this one gender neutral.

Sunrise, sunset

You brush by and catch my eye
Don’t even hope I stand a chance
Til you smile, sad and shy
The thrill makes my heart dance

Other voices turn to noise
Under the rhythm of your feet
As you move across the room
My every fibre feels your heat

There’ll be another sunrise, sunset
There’s no point in having regrets
There’ll be another sunrise, sunset
Another day

In a flash I can see our life
I can feel us swaying skin to skin
I can see you waking by my side
I can hear fireworks and violins

I can breathe the summer in your hair
I can taste the salt from your lips to mine
Hold you when the sunset chills the air
Like fingertips on my spine


With a crash the moment is broken
A falling glass shatters my dream
All these words are left unspoken
Our life as one will never be

You brushed by and caught my eye
A stranger with enticing charms
Your smile was hello goodbye
As you slip away in other arms


Maybe one day
There’ll be other days



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