3. Don’t call me Tinkerbell

Another skirmish, this time from 50/90 forums, “fairies”. A lot of my rock songs sound samey but damn they’re a lot of fun to sing.

Don’t call me Tinkerbell

Graceful fairy creatures
Float on gossamer wings
Flitting in green meadows
In gardens and in springs

Mild and gentle spirits
Guiding humankind
Granting all your wishes
Granting peace of mind


Don’t call me Tinkerbell
I’ll come and give you hell
I dare ya to try it
Don’t call me Tinkerbell

Don’t be tricked by my size
I’m small but I got clout
I got powers I won’t hide
I’ll turn you into a mouse


You think wizards got skills?
That Merlin’s just a rookie
Harry Potter, stick to quills
Or else I’ll give ya a noogie


Don’t mess with fairies
It might get a bit hairy
Won’t promise I’ll play fairly
Better to be wary



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