2. Homo sapiens

I’ve set myself a target of four songs per week, and so far only managed one this week because of, you guessed it, procrastination. I was working on a bossa nova earlier but got stuck and discouraged. So what better than a one-hour Song skirmish to bash through the wall? This song is from the prompt “Curiosity killed the cat.” Recently I read Yuval Noah Harari’s book Sapiens, about the rise of our species. The book isn’t as pessimistic as this song. Perhaps our curiosity and ingenuity will get us out of some of the pickles we’ve created.

The music…is weird, because although I initially wanted it to have a futuristic spacey feel, it came out as an oom-pah tune. And then I said screw it, chuck on some synths. So it’s a space oom-pah I guess.

Homo sapiens

Homo sapiens
We search, we enquire
You gonna get burned
If you play with fire
Homo sapiens
The wisest of the apes
But curiosity
Sealed our fates

From primordial soup we climbed
Dragged ourselves up from the slime
From crawling we started walking tall
The higher we get the further we fall


From the stick to the scythe to the wheel
From the press to the engine made of steel
The ape came to master sky and sea
Blinded by power we made the earth bleed


We tinkered with our genomes
We choked on poison rust
With weapons small and mighty
We turned our home to dust




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