Master song list

This is every song wot I’ve ever wrote in my whole hooman life. Excluding two raps but let’s not speak of those ever again. Caveat auditor: these demos are basic as hell. Most songs were written within hours. This is a speedwriting laboratory and a lot of three-eyed freaks are the result 😛
[S] = Song skirmish ones are those written and recorded in an hour(ish), to a designated prompt.

* = songs I kinda like

My selection of Best of, such as they are:

Pre-masochistic-challenge songs 
  1. Where do you come from: a song about the weirdness of being first generation, and team interracial
  2. Blues in green*: international collaborative birthday project

10 songs in 30 days challenge (April 2017)

The original challenge, inspired by FAWM – February Album Writing Month. I came late to that party so did my own challenge in April.

  1. Friends from the internet: a loungey jazzy tune about internet mates
  2. Everyday: romance writ small, tremolo uke
  3. Promised land*: acoustic guitar, folksy work-song feels, about a stranger in a strange land
  4. Dance for me*: mournful French cafe piano waltz, about a peeping tom looking on a whole love story, with melodica solo
  5. Four strings good: a celebration of the ukulele, on the ukulele (and bonus bass)
  6. Disposable: a foray into electronic sounds, about our instant and disposable age
  7. Summer days*: a nostalgic acoustic song about lost summers; my fave song of the 10/30
  8. Downgrade: [S] bouncy piano tune about a massive narcissist
  9. Thunder: rock song about steamy times in a storm
  10. You’ll never find us*: a happy song about fugitive murderers, featuring clarinet solo

50 songs in 90 days challenge (June 2017)

Best laid plans. Planned to start 50/90 in June rather than the official one in July, but a solid dose of laryngitis put me out of action.

  1. Took my breath away: [S] a song about lost love and stinky feet
  2. Already dead*: [S] a jaunty country tune about murder-suicide
  3. Tango australiano*: [S] (but not 1 hour); featuring cello, pseudo accordion and drama
  4. Don’t be cross: [S] prompt about “cross”, calypso-ish tune. inane crap, ignore this one.
  5. Space to breathe*: baritone uke song about dealing with someone else’s grief
  6. Letter into the dark*: acoustic 6/8, a letter to the departed loved one
  7. Please don’t stare: [S] prompt about “issues”, a kitschy organ song about #vampireproblems
  8. Crash and burn: prompt about “crash”, a rock song about #rockstarproblems

Reboot of 50/90 (July – September 2017)
After my laryngitis holiday, restarted the count and joined the official 50/90 starting July 4th.

  1. Eventually: a poppy ode to procrastination
  2. Homo sapiens: [S] a spacey-electro one about the rise and fall of our race
  3. Don’t call me Tinkerbell: [S] a surprise take on “fairies” prompt
  4. Sunrise, sunset*: a nylon guitar bossa nova tune about a (delusional) love at first sight
  5. Find a way: a cappella 4-part harmony soul/gospel type thing, execution meh
  6. The future is ours*: idealistic piano rock anthem, à la Farnsie
  7. Put a gun to the head of the muse: dark, dirty and sweary rock about getting the inner critic to STFU
  8. Mad Jim Black*: banjolele + tin whistle shanty about a poor lovelorn sailor
  9. Out, out, damned spot: [S] eerie sparse weird one about Lady Macbeth
  10. Let me be your harmony*: [S] ukulele music-nerd  perky love song
  11. Losing time*: [S] piano song about about dementia (cheerful innit)
  12. Just like me: perky political satire about a certain orange fellow
  13. Residue of dreams*: baritone uke, on waking up from an elusive dream
  14. Futilitarian: [S] reggae stylings about the usefulness of uselessness
  15. C’est trop facile (It’s too easy): an attempt at melancholy French chanson
  16. Brother*: low-G uke song about my uncle who was lost at sea
  17. Sit down, stand up: electro song about the ratrace
  18. Cenote: [S] ambient spoken-word about a scuba diving experience
  19. Omniscient, immortal: [S] a lonely god envies us mortals
  20. Get low: [S] Barry-White inspired R&B
  21. Take my hand*: baritone uke song about defiant love
  22. Should I go*: partial capo experiment, questions about staying in a relationship
  23. Dragon*: baritone uke with tremolo classical technique, about a death-dragon
  24. Ride through the night*: debut on mandolin, on soldiers returning from war
  25. First amendment: [S] obnoxious uke song on obnoxiousness, meh skip this one
  26. Running dry: environmental blues on baritone uke
  27. Apocalypse: doomsday rap

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