Master song list

Every song written in my whole hooman life. It all started with some special-occasion songs and cascaded into several months of speedwriting challenges. Caveat auditor: this is a laboratory and a lot of three-eyed freaks are the result ūüėõ The demos are basic as hell, and most songs were written within hours.

While this WordPress is home base for my songwriting efforts, the other places you can hear noisemaking are on my YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

My selection of Best of, such as they are:

[S] = Song skirmish ones are those written and recorded in an hour(ish), to a designated prompt.

* = songs I kinda like


Pre-masochistic-challenge songs 

  1. Where do you come from: a song about the weirdness of being first generation, and team interracial
  2. Blues in green*: international collaborative birthday project

10 songs in 30 days challenge (April 2017)

The original challenge, inspired by FAWM – February Album Writing Month. I came late to that party so did my own challenge in April.

  1. Friends from the internet: a loungey jazzy tune about internet mates
  2. Everyday: romance writ small, tremolo uke
  3. Promised land*: acoustic guitar, folksy work-song feels, about a stranger in a strange land
  4. Dance for me*: mournful French cafe piano waltz, about a peeping tom looking on a whole love story, with melodica solo
  5. Four strings good: a celebration of the ukulele, on the ukulele (and bonus bass)
  6. Disposable: a foray into electronic sounds, about our instant and disposable age
  7. Summer days*: a nostalgic acoustic song about lost summers; my fave song of the 10/30
  8. Downgrade: [S] bouncy piano tune about a massive narcissist
  9. Thunder: rock song about steamy times in a storm
  10. You’ll never find us*: a happy song about fugitive murderers, featuring¬†clarinet solo

50 songs in 90 days challenge (June 2017)

Best laid plans. Planned to start 50/90 in June rather than the official one in July, but a solid dose of laryngitis put me out of action.

  1. Took my breath away: [S] a song about lost love and stinky feet
  2. Already dead*: [S] a jaunty country tune about murder-suicide
  3. Tango australiano*: [S] (but not 1 hour); featuring cello, pseudo accordion and drama
  4. Don’t be cross: [S] prompt about “cross”, calypso-ish tune. inane crap, ignore this one.
  5. Space to breathe*: baritone uke song about dealing with someone else’s grief
  6. Letter into the dark*: acoustic 6/8, a letter to the departed loved one
  7. Please don’t stare: [S] prompt about “issues”, a kitschy organ song about #vampireproblems
  8. Crash and burn: prompt about “crash”, a rock song about #rockstarproblems

Reboot of 50 songs in 90 days challenge (July – October 2017)
After my laryngitis holiday, restarted the count and joined the official 50/90 starting July 4th.

  1. Eventually*: a poppy ode to procrastination
  2. Homo sapiens: [S] a spacey-electro one about the rise and fall of our race
  3. Don’t call me Tinkerbell: [S] a surprise take on “fairies” prompt
  4. Sunrise, sunset*: a nylon guitar bossa nova tune about a (delusional) love at first sight
  5. Find a way: a cappella 4-part harmony soul/gospel type thing, execution meh
  6. The future is ours*: idealistic piano rock anthem, à la Farnsie
  7. Put a gun to the head of the muse*: dark, dirty and sweary rock about getting the inner critic to STFU
  8. Mad Jim Black: banjolele + tin whistle shanty about a poor lovelorn sailor
  9. Out, out, damned spot: [S] eerie sparse weird one about Lady Macbeth
  10. Let me be your harmony*: [S] ukulele music-nerd  perky love song
  11. Losing time*: [S] piano song about about dementia (cheerful innit)
  12. Just like me: perky political satire about a certain orange fellow
  13. Residue of dreams*: baritone uke, on waking up from an elusive dream
  14. Futilitarian: [S] reggae stylings about the usefulness of uselessness
  15. C’est trop facile¬†(It’s too easy): an attempt at melancholy French chanson
  16. Brother*: low-G uke song about my uncle who was lost at sea
  17. Sit down, stand up: electro song about the ratrace
  18. Cenote: [S] ambient spoken-word about a scuba diving experience
  19. Omniscient, immortal: [S] a lonely god envies us mortals
  20. Get low: [S] Barry-White inspired R&B
  21. Take my hand*: baritone uke song about defiant love
  22. Should I go*: partial capo experiment, questions about staying in a relationship
  23. Dragon*: baritone uke with tremolo classical technique, about a death-dragon
  24. Ride through the night*: debut on mandolin, on soldiers returning from war
  25. First amendment: [S] obnoxious uke song on obnoxiousness, meh skip this one
  26. Running dry: environmental blues on baritone uke
  27. Apocalypse: doomsday rap
  28. Daughter of mine*: pensive baritone uke about a daughter you never had
  29. Squeeze me: [S] silly sexy skirmish on “oranges” prompt
  30. Falling into dark*: dreamy baritone uke song about a dream-guardian creature
  31. Shimmering hope: acoustic guitar song about hope out of adversity
  32. Cello groove: cello bass/rhythm + orientalish improvised vocal scat
  33. Grey, the colour of today*: ukulele fingerpicking, nostalgia
  34. No matter what*: unromantic love song on uke
  35. One last chance: bargaining for one last chance at pleasure, uke
  36. Gone too soon*: sentimental sad tale on baritone uke
  37. Fly like a kite: a maybe stolen melody but played on baritone uke with a stick (?!)
  38. Beware*: an eerie baritone uke one about a gypsy
  39. I don’t know*: piano song about uncertainty
  40. Kleenex and wine: silly uke one about love in sickness and in health
  41. Walking my hooman: doggo’s blues on uke
  42. Yesterday morning*: on sudden loss, acoustic guitar
  43. Over and under*: abstract lyrics on baritone uke
  44. Sleep now, my friend: simple lullaby on uke
  45. Nothing is promised: the depressing fruits of reading The Sixth Extinction
  46. Fault-lines*: acoustic breakup song
  47. Painting the sunrise: stealing from Homer
  48. Love is love*: about the marriage equality thing
  49. Bun rieu: a Vietnamese song about Vietnamese food, blame my dad
  50. The end: country three-chord song…MADE IT!!

FAWM 2018 

  1. Get this shit done: slap in my own face for procrastinating
  2. Running water: experiment with DADGAD tuning
  3. These four strings: annoyingly upbeat ode to the uke
  4. Traces of you*: lost love and yearning
  5. Mediocrity*: leaning into inadequacy feels
  6. Blood and wine: cello-voice mediaeval religious weirdness
  7. Thank you*: gratitude expressed in offers of organ donation, nbd
  8. Call BS: minimalist acoustic rap about gun control, post-Parkland
  9. Holding together*: [S] atoms becoming molecules, a love song
  10. Sidelines: [S] an ode to not competing
  11. The fading*: memories before death
  12. Ashes: inspired by Syria before and after
  13. Deliciously mine*: [S] a love song to/about food
  14. Dreaded deadline: [S] meta-FAWM rushing to the end of the challenge



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