10. You’ll never find us

Well, number 10/10 was a shocker. Today was my last proper day to finish the 10 songs in 30 days challenge as I’m spending the weekend interstate. Tried to do the one hour Song Skirmish, hit a wall and threw that out. Remembered I had this wordless ditty from last week, composed one day when I was bored, waiting for my cousin. And then there was the struggle to put words to the rhythm, another head vs wall problem until eureka, “let’s run away” fits! It started off as a “let’s run away from the rat race” but developed into this defiant song from an outlaw couple. It was only when I figured “grave” half-rhymed with “favour” that I decided they’d be murderers as well as thieves 😛  Bit of clarinet in this one. It was some fun mental maths trying to transpose into a key that’s both clarinet and uke friendly, I tell ya.
You’ll never find us
Let’s disappear, let’s flee from the watchers
And let’s escape, escape from the crowd
Let’s run away, run far from the sirens
They’re so loudLet’s leave no trace, no trace we existed
An empty room in a cold, empty house
Say no farewells, to our friends and our neighbours
Over and outWe got our eyes on the horizon
Yesterday’s troubles left behind
You’ll never find us

Let’s slip away, slip into the sunrise
And then let’s dive, dive into the sea
Look at the sky, from under the breakers
Just you and me


We got our eyes on the horizon
Yesterday’s troubles left behind
You’ll never find us

Let’s chase the wild, wild wind in the mountains
And then let’s drink, drink deep from the stream
Let’s sing in caves, that echo our voices
Let’s be free

We’re not ashamed, not a single regret
Grabbed all we could get
Golden things, diamond rings [diamond rings, shiny things]
Ain’t no use to the dead

We did them a favour
Riches gotta be savoured
We gave them a helping hand
Right into the grave



3 thoughts on “10. You’ll never find us

  1. I would never have thought uke and clarinet could work so well together. Great bouncy tune to end your 10 in 30 with and congrats on completing your task!


    • Thanks a lot for your support Alex! I’m in a uke group and the head honcho guy plays in a duo with a pro clarinet player, they sound great together – music hall, old timey jazz type stuff.


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