7. Summer days

Back to more comfortable ground, acoustic sadfaceness. This one originated from the music – I wanted to do a song in 6/8 and the descending major 7th line suggested a wistful memory of a happier time.

Summer days

Those precious summer days
Three kids link arms, sepia-gazed
His sunburnt grin
Her freckled chin
Our legs entangled

Those hopeful summer days
Roll windows down, radio plays
Taste the salty breeze
As we drive out east
Our laughter woven

Tomorrow’s promise waits
Tomorrow will be golden

Those summers slip away
Three hands wave bye, nobody stays
She chases stars
He drowns in bars
I run in circles

Those memories slip away
We make small talk, nothing to say
Her stars burned out
He laughs too loud
We’re almost strangers

Tomorrow’s promise lied
Tomorrow turned out broken

Can we return, can we rewind
To endless days of gold
Three lives united, three lives entwined
Let’s hold this moment until we’re old

Live video:


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