Master song list

Every song written in my whole hooman life. It all started with some special-occasion songs and cascaded into several months of speedwriting challenges. Caveat auditor: this is a laboratory and a lot of three-eyed freaks are the result 😛 The demos are basic as hell, and most songs were written within hours.

While this WordPress is home base for my songwriting efforts, the other places you can hear noisemaking are on my YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

My selection of Best of, such as they are:

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50. The end

Maybe this song is a little too dramatic to describe 50/90, can’t say there were too many wild beasts… or if so, only imaginary ones 😛 But it’s been a bloody long haul. Hurray, we finally made it!

The end

We made it to the end, my friend
We made it to the finish line
We made it to the end my friend
It’s time for whisky and wine

We started full of fear and doubt
The daunting road was long
Just had to kneel and make a vow
That we’d stay true and strong

We battled fierce and wild beasts
We walked through thundering rain
More than once we brushed defeat
We fought despite the pain


We climbed the mountains and the hills
We crossed the river mud
When I fell down and you fell ill
We helped each other up

Through blazing days and blackest nights
Through raging seas and storms
We kept the end within our sight
We knew we’d meet the dawn




49. Bun rieu – Vietnamese food song

I’ve attempted songs in Spanish and French; I’ve had a stab at country, rap, bossa, reggae…it’s only right that I do a song in the language and style of the motherland, Vietnam. Small problem is that like lots of other first generation kids, my written Vietnamese is about the level of a 6 year old’s. I’m most fluent in menu Vietnamese. Sooooo here is a song entirely comprised of foodstuffs. Assist from my dad to whom I kinda sorta promised this, and a Wikipedia list of dishes.
What’s interesting musically is that Vietnamese is a tonal language, so the melody has to conform to the movement of tones (which is partially why Viet translations of foreign songs often sound awful).

Btw traditional Vietnamese music is always mournful and yearning. Lyrics about dead lovers and sons and such cheerful topics. That’s why this sounds like a dirge… for pho.

Bun rieu

Bun rieu, cha gio, nuoc mam
Pho tai, banh xeo, bia hoi
Mi nam vang, bun thang, goi cuon
Ca ri ga, sinh to bo, thit kho

Banh canh, pho ga, cha ca
Mi tom, cua xao, canh chua
Ca phe sua da, trung chien, heo quay
Che chuoi, banh bao, chao tom

Banh flan, xoi man, tiet canh
Bo kho, goi tom thit, com chien
Hot vit lon, mam tom, banh mi
Bun mang vit, banh hoi, che dau xanh

And translated, sort of:

Crab vermicelli

Crab vermicelli, spring rolls, fish sauce
Beef pho, pancake, beer
Phnomh penh noodles, vermicelli soup, rice paper rolls
Chicken curry, avocado smoothie, caramelised pork

Thick noodles, chicken pho, fish sausage
Prawn noodles, fried crab, sweet & sour soup
Iced milk coffee, fried egg, roast pork
Banana pudding, pork dumpling, sugar cane prawn

Flan, savoury sticky rice, duck blood
Beef stew, prawn/pork salad, fried rice
Duck egg, shrimp paste, bread roll
Duck noodles, noodle cake, green bean pudding


48. Love is love

For the marriage equality debate debacle that’s going on here.

Love is love

Love is love
Dare to speak its name
Love is love
A rising flame
Yours and mine is the same
A gift to lift us up
Drink deep from the cup
Drink unashamed

Love is love
A thrill of joy
Love is love
It’s girls and boys
Or boys and boys
Girls and girls, whatever
Love makes the world better
It isn’t a choice

Love is love is love is love x4

Love is love
No matter its face
Love is love
Hate can’t erase
Its tender taste
Standing hand in hand
It’s not much to demand
The right to embrace

Love is love
Let’s share it around
Love is love
Let’s sing to the crowd
Let it resound
A clear and simple song
Rings out all night long
Sing loud and proud

Love is love is love is love x8

47. Painting the sunrise

The end of 50/90 is a real struggle. This is an experiment with weird timing and some lyrics stolen from Homer, cus he’s not around to claim royalties 😛 This is kinda part of my loose gods/myths theme which also includes Falling into darkDragon, and Omniscient, immortal

Painting the sunrise

Painting the sunrise
Slipping on the robe of day
Sweeping out shadows
She ushers them away

Fiery and bright-eyed
She sings with a thousand birds
And opens cloud curtains
Calling out these words

Wake up, my children
I’ve made this day, fresh for you
Wake up, my children
Taste the sky, drink in the dew


Gently she rouses
Heavy-headed blossoms and she
Breathes on the creatures
Stirring beasts and bees

Rosy-streaked fingers
Stroke troubled slumbering cheeks
And brows creased by nightmares
Loosen as she speaks:



46. Fault-lines

I don’t know why I decided on this arsepain of a rhyme scheme. Masochism, probably.


Wide awake at midnight
Staring at the moonlight
Struggling hard to find the signs
I couldn’t foresee

I’m on the outside
Trying to look back inside
Looking ‘cross the great divide
Between you and me


Tiny little cracks
Turn into fault-lines, fault-lines
Til there ain’t no way back
Our stars just wouldn’t align

All the petty fights
You’d defend your own side
Stubbornly I’d stand by mine
We couldn’t agree

All the white lies
Scattered through the good times
Even though it all seemed fine
We weren’t meant to be


We had tender moments
Flashes of laughter and light
But there were many omens
It never felt right


45. Nothing is promised

I’ve been listening to The Sixth Extinction audiobook which is pretty much as dire as such a title would suggest.

Nothing is promised

You weep as you watch the burning house
Meanwhile you throw more coal on the fire
You wail as you breathe in choking dust
Yet refuse to do what you must

You cry for the shadows of yesterday
Why don’t you try and fight for tomorrow
You yearn for the comforts of yesteryear
Why not stand up and wipe your tears

Nothing is promised
Nothing is owed
It’s up to us to take up the load
Gotta be honest
Gotta be bold
It’s up to us to walk this winding road

You moan as you watch the oceans rise
Meanwhile you poison skies with abandon
You fear that the forest will disappear
You shed your crocodile tears

You mourn the children that die in war
Meanwhile you throw your hands in the air
You grieve when you see the corpses float
Yet refuse to send a boat


Do what’s right, do what’s hard
Face the night, play the cards
Take the reins and take the fall
Face the pain or nothing will be left at all


44. Sleep now, my friend

Another semi-cheat. This music existed long before 50/90, but the lyric is new. A simple lullaby.

Sleep now, my friend

Cast your cares aside
Throw off the weight of day
Close your eyes and dream
Let your mind play

Still your troubled thoughts
Slip off the fears you bear
Lay down and rest your head
And say a silent prayer

Sleep now, my friend
Rest your weary soul
Sleep now, my friend
The world has taken its toll

43. Over and under

Music-led write based on a major 9th chord. I’ve found that my lyrics are sometimes too straight-up and don’t leave much to the imagination, so here I’ve played with odd images driven by meter and rhyme. Make of it what you will. I’m not even sure what it means meself 😛

Over and under

Over and under we grow
Mangled and tangled together we flow
Intertwined, you and I
Sing our nightmare lullaby
Freaks in our own private sideshow

Over and under we fly
Backflip down your slippery dip and slide
Splinter, crash, make a splash
Bloodstains and whiplash
Looks a lot like carnage from the outside

Over and under we run
Flee to the sea and chasing the sun
Borrow, beg, climb the deck
Sail this sinking shipwreck
Stinking of oil and rum

Over and under we burn
Over and over, we’ll never learn
Upside-down, slowly drown
Heavy lies the flaming crown
Chained up and never to return

42. Yesterday morning


Someone I work with told me recently about how her fit and active husband died one normal day. I can’t know what it really is like to lose someone you love in a moment – just like that, your life changed from one morning to the next. I can’t know, but this is an attempt to imagine. As for the song, this is a semi-cheat: the guitar part I wrote long before 50/90, but I just wrote the lyrics tonight.

Yesterday morning

Yesterday morning
You opened your eyes
As I opened mine
We looked at each other
Yesterday morning
I woke to your smile
And lay for a while
We drank in the summer

How little did I know
How could I possibly see
In one single moment
You’d be taken away from me
Suddenly taken away, away from me

Yesterday morning
I made you some eggs
As you got out of bed
You sang in the shower
Yesterday morning
You kissed me goodbye
Said “I’ll see you tonight,
I’ll bring home some flowers”


Yesterday evening
I waited for you
Dinner grew cool
No one to share it
Yesterday evening
They came to our porch
I opened the door
I couldn’t bear it




41. Walking my hooman

This was a lyric I abandoned as crap, but at the pointy end of 50/90, can’t afford to waste any efforts so here it is. Anyway, it’s a chance to bust out my brand new Waterman uke!

Walking my hooman

I’ve got him well trained
He jumps at my command
Just one look and he
Takes the leash in hand
He needs to get some air
He needs some interaction
He’s getting kinda restless
Gonna get him some action

We go walkies, walking my hooman x2
We go walkies, walk my hooman in the park

Look over there
Pretty gal and pup
Come on get closer
I’ll try and sniff her butt
He won’t even say hello
My hooman’s way too shy
I gotta be the man
Deploy puppy-dog eyes


She can’t resist my charm
Done my doggone duty
Until the last minute
I gotta drop a doodie
Can’t stop the call of nature
Sorry I did my best
I’m only a little doggy
Up to you to do the rest